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Nowadays, different demands of industrial applications are available. Some customers asking a certain thing, and another completely different characteristics seek for a similar application. Needs are different, because the solutions are different. Until recently, all the different needs of all types of customers who answered our portfolio we can offer you the most suitable solution.

Foam Tapes

This type of tape, paste your process compliance, should be used when buffering and strong adhesion. Rubber or acrylic-based adhesives may be used in the foam material can be changed to fit the area you want to apply the tape. These tapes are used only for the installation of the mirror or soap will not stay; those white goods, furniture and automotive industries in many different areas including used.

Polyethylene, neoprene, EPDM, urethane, PVC, vinyl, nitrile, silicone and specialty materials such as sponges are available to meet all requirements

Foam Tapes and sound insulation and humidity, with scratch protection and construction of the buildings used for thermal insulation purposes.

Metal Tapes

This is the basic structure of the bands, being chosen according to application area. Metal strip, aluminum, copper, lead, and so on. may consist of materials, heat or electrical insulation or conductivity are used where desired. Be used as weight, are also used as EMI products for electronics. Moisture, have high resistance to chemicals and acids, and also can be used as general purpose tapes.

This is because they are such a variety of applications, we recommend that you send to us by the technical details. In this way, you can provide the best solution and the most appropriate product to suit your needs.

Thermal Pads

Thermal pad having a thermal conductivity of these products known as gap fillers products. Structurally, ceramic-filled silicone pads and reinforced with fiberglass mesh (in case of need and demand). Can be supplied with aluminum foil or fiberglass carrier. 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm range of functions, which are usually used for thermal conduction to fill in the gaps

Because it is self-adhesive material surface, without the need for adhesives addition, these products are readily placed. The advantage of this feature, allows easy removal during maintenance work

However, this functionality is not required, and may need to be placed permanently attaching pads. In this case, pressure sensitive adhesives may be used for permanent adhesion