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Single Sided Tapes

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This type of carriers, only one side adhesive tapes coating (coating) are available. Single-sided tapes, for example, paper splicing (end-joining) process gas insulation pipe joints, electrical conductivity or insulation, and in addition to them are used in many different places.

Most frequently requested and widely supplied types:

Cloth Tapes

Cotton, polyester or fiberglass cloth tape strips are of different types, such as. Most of high mechanical characteristics, these tapes are used as general purpose tapes due yırtılabildiklerinden easily manually.

Masking Tapes

Crepe paper tape or masking tape is widely known as bands and paper carriers occurs. These tapes are available in different variants and their Kraft paper tapes, paper tapes and heat-resistant protective tapes are included. In general, surface protection, paint mask and stencil used as template

Polyester Tapes

Although these tapes slim, high-strength, tear-, heat-and chemical resistance due to structural features such as long service life. Clean rooms, printed circuit production, photographic film assembly (splicing) and also metallized production is for general industrial paint operations to be used as masking tapes.

Metal Tapes

This is the basic structure of the bands, being chosen according to application area. Metal strip, aluminum, copper, lead, and so on. may consist of materials, heat or electrical insulation or conductivity are used where desired. Be used as weight, are also used as EMI products for electronics. Moisture, have high resistance to chemicals and acids, and also can be used as general purpose tapes. This is because they are such a variety of applications, we recommend that you send to us by the technical details. In this way, you can provide the best solution and the most appropriate product to suit your needs.

Vinyl Tapes

Wear, with high resistance to acids and other chemicals, these tapes are used, especially for marking and safety measures. High initial tack and have a value which can be removed to clean vinyl floor marking tapes are also used also. These tapes can also be manufactured to be highly resistant to heat and flame can be activated or made suitable for the surface of the print - with all these features, in-house bands katabilmekteyiz insufficient possibilities.

Special Skilled Tapes

We find the solution to almost any problem with our business partners. With our exclusive range of quality Kapton tape, PTFE, ventilation lines, lithographic masking tapes and more are included. We have the right product for you need any kind of bonding is always available.