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Special quality products

FOM-SA is completely focused on your needs, and you can always strives to provide the best solution. For this reason, a full cut is best suited to your needs and work habits (die-cut) and half-cut (kiss-cut) we offer a wide range of products. We are using our products, while delivering the most practical shapes:

• Roll the

• One piece

• In sheet form

• Peeled clean in rolls

• Peeled clean sheets in the form

• Half-cut or uncut (kiss-cut) liner (liner) and

• Perforated full cuts (die-cut) if

• Half cut (kiss-cut) parts

• Full cut (die-cut) parts

Electroforming, Acid Forming (Etching), Die Casting, Punching, Stamping

Precision metal nameplates / logos or self-adhesive cosmetic parts such as speaker grilles with items that are part of the moving frame , keypad, or their patterns - all of which are available in all our product range .

Only processed ready-made pieces , but not the specific demands of customers who need precise hardware products, we also offer modular .

Full cut (die -cut) and half- cut ( kiss- cut ) bands and their combinations

TFull cut (die -cut) and half- cut ( kiss- cut ) bands and their printed materials , conductive or insulating materials and combinations - all of these things to you , optionally together with designed shapes and today we offer the most effective sealing technology

The main sectors of production of complex shapes often overlooked or increase speed and efficiency . It can provide you with a high production capacity at lower costs - even with less waste material contributes to a cleaner environment

Production of all the parts you need are always available . Thanks to continuous investments in different business partners and , not limited by the existing capacity .