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Protection Products

We're here to meet the most demanding and the most demanding protection needs. Protective products offer protection only the end product, but also the shipment of the product and / or during assembly includes protection

Only applied to protect the product but also providing insulation, these products are also largely the automotive, electronics and white goods industries used

Surface Protection Tapes

These tapes, aluminum, PVC and other plastics, and gloss (gloss) substrates are used.

At the same time, these bands can also be used on uneven surfaces, can also be used during laser cutting or deep drawing. In addition, they provide protection against scratches during shipping and display in the field, and the product can stay on until removed by the end user.

Self Adhesive Bumpers

These products are generally manufactured polyurethane rubber and acrylic based adhesives are to attach the applied product.

Application areas such as computers, or FPD screens are underneath the kitchen cabinets can also be internal surfaces. If you think your product will remain exposed to vibration or shock, especially the use of dampers can be an extremely important

Can differ according to the shape and color of the dampers. In addition, as a material for bumpers are able to provide different materials such as foam or cork.