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Double Sided Tapes

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Carriers such tapes are adhesive on both sides. Primers (linear), though generally available in one side, both sides of the restraint so they can be delivered.

Transfer Tapes

These bands are not carriers of the value of relatively thin and have a high initial tack. Transfer tapes from moisture, heat and chemicals, demonstrating its high performance and generally installation, splicing (end coupling) and closing operations are used.

Paper Tapes Double Sided

Double-sided paper tapes, paper carriers are quite useful thanks. These bands are usually splicing (end-joining), and lamination are advised to keep parts of objects

Double Sided Polyester Tapes

Polyester is a polyester carrier tapes are laminated with rubber or acrylic-based adhesives have high performance. These bands, Can be laminated and full of many different materials sector (die-cut) suitable due to their properties, often used as a multi-purpose tapes

Double Sided Tissue Tapes

Double sided tissue tape, rubber or acrylic-based adhesives structures of light through tissue transfer tapes stick better and therefore quite useful. These bands are usually splicing (end-joining), cork, paper, plastics and textiles are recommended provisions regarding laminated.

Double Sided Vinyl Tapes

Double-sided vinyl tapes of various substrate used in the merge. In general, use of matching the tiles and carpets, even though they are also used in many different products are laminated.

Foam Tapes

This type of tape, paste your process compliance, should be used when buffering and strong adhesion.

Rubber or acrylic-based adhesives may be used in the foam material can be changed to fit the area you want to apply the tape.

These tapes are used only for the installation of the mirror or soap will not stay; those white goods, furniture and automotive industries in many different areas including used.

Polyethylene, neoprene, EPDM, urethane, PVC, vinyl, nitrile, silicone and specialty materials such as sponges are available to meet all needs.

Foam Tapes and sound insulation and humidity, with scratch protection and construction of the buildings are used for thermal insulation purposes

Acrylic Foam Tapes

These tapes are made of acrylic foam. A viscoelastic material and acrylic foam tapes whereby the connection points of the energy absorbing and has the effect of reducing resistance. This feature of this double-sided tapes allocates all the other bands.

Simple structure and easy way acrylic foam tapes are applied, rivets, welding, and other methods instead of linking them available provides permanent. These bands do not only substrates assembled to each other, but also evenly distribute the forces working to the final product. In addition, just off places, but every day will be exposed to ultraviolet light and weather conditions also can be used outdoors.

Acrylic foam tapes, as they offer many different materials and are highly durable, have high tensile strength at high peel strength. Another feature, the migration of plasticizer, solvents, they exhibit excellent performance and resistance to moisture